Some of my earliest childhood memories are of painting and drawing, often falling asleep with a pencil in my hand.”

Hunter Knolmayer

About Hunter UrScum

Hunter Knolmayer was born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey on April 20th, 1990. He was always intrigued with art and acquired a passion for creating in his wee years. Drawing was a daily routine, and became his addiction and his purpose. There was no option other than to find a way to make a living doing art, so right after graduating High School in 2008, Hunter began attending Ocean County College, in Toms River, New Jersey. He enrolled in art and design classes going towards two degrees in Visual Communication Technologies; one in Computer Graphics, the other in Photography.

Despite being one semester away from two degrees, in 2011 he decided to make the move to California and pursue his newfound love in the craft of tattooing.

In 2013, Hunter received a degree in Fine Art - Digital Media at San Diego Mesa College. Although heavily immersed in the world of tattooing, Hunter continued to create art in many mediums to explore many creative outlets. Fast forward to present day, Hunter has since established himself as a quality tattooer specializing in several styles including biomechanical, realism, geometric, psychedelic and illustrative work, focusing on large format tattooing. He has exhibited his paintings at Distinction Gallery in Escondido and is currently expanding his reach to display his artwork to a wider audience.

Hunter’s painting styles vary but he always strives to engage the viewer with a range of emotions. From organic alien landscapes to the elegant beauty of nature and the human form, his works tend to offer different environments to capture a moment and mood. Hunter is currently working on many projects and plans on doing more gallery work in the near future.

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of painting and drawing, often falling asleep with a pencil in my hand.

Hunter is currently tattooing at Remington Tattoo in North Park, California. Though he plans on keeping San Diego, California as his home base, Hunter is currently planning quite a bit of travel as an opportunity to work alongside tattooers across the country and be exposed to different styles of art.

If you would like to be tattooed by Hunter, or wish to inquire about artwork, feel free to check out the CONTACT page where you can message your concept to be reviewed, and he will get back to you in regards to setting up a consultation.

Hunter Knolmayer's great-grandfather Walter Herbert Marler

“Carrying on the legacy of my great-grandfather Walter Herbert Marler”


My Artistic Vision

As a prior graphic design student, having had taken many courses on design, my main goal with tattooing is to provide a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that conforms to the body. I like for clients to approach me with a concept, and to bring together different ideas in one comprehensive layout that complements the musculature of the human canvas.

There are plenty of "tattooers" out there that can recreate things well, but that's not all I do. I am an artist by heart, and this desire to go above and beyond reflects in my work. I have no problem doing little tattoos, but I prefer large pieces. I am very into "biomechanical", and "bio-organic styles", as well as "illustrative" neotraditional and newschool pieces. I enjoy doing Realism, Geometric Dotwork and black and grey as well.

Click here to see some of my recent TATTOOS, or here to see some ARTWORK. To set up an appointment, check out my CONTACT page.

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